Bonus Coupons

All Active Trade Allies participating in the Bonus Coupon Program will receive fifteen (15) specialized bonus coupons worth up to $100 each to give to their customers towards the purchase of incentive rebate qualified measures. These coupons are for designated, program approved natural gas efficiency measures. Funds will be distributed to the customer in the bonus amount following the processing and approval of a measure for which the bonus coupon is qualified. The bonus amount will be included with the customer incentive. Coupons are non-transferable and are for distribution solely by the designated Trade Ally and will be available until program allocated funds are exhausted.

Note: Active Trade Allies have the option of participating in either the Bonus Coupon Programs or Training Grants / Scholarship, but not both.

Good Form Rewards

In addition to the Bonus Coupons, Active Trade Allies will have access to “Good Form” Rewards to help customers provide complete information when submitting rebate paperwork to Cascade. Trade Allies will receive $5 for every complete (no missing information) rebate-qualified Program application submitted within the same calendar year and processed for projects installed by the Trade Ally. Checks for the balances of the “Good Form” rewards will be issued to participating Active Trade Allies twice annually.

Note: Cascade Natural Gas will only accept one coupon per measure, per customer.