Application: This Standard Incentive Request and any additional required documentation must be filled
out completely, truthfully and accurately. Only Washington customers of Cascade Natural Gas
Corporation (“CNGC”) served on rate schedule 504,505, 511, 570 and 577 are eligible for this
program. Customers are advised to retain a copy of this application and any other documentation
submitted to CNGC under this program. CNGC will not be responsible for lost documentation
pertaining to the rebate request. Work must be installed no later than December 31st of the current
calendar year to receive program incentives. All completed incentive requests must be post-marked
within the current calendar year to be processed. Please allow six weeks for incentive processing.

Pre-Approval and Verification: Equipment installations may be selected for a post-installation
inspection or verification. Should a customer’s equipment be chosen for a post-installation inspection,
satisfactory completion of that inspection must occur before payment is issued. This inspection is
for the purpose of incentive payment only. No warranty is implied.

Tax Liability: CNGC is not responsible for any tax liability which may be imposed on the customer
as a result of payment of any incentives. CNGC is not providing any tax advice, and any
communication by CNGC is not intended or written to be used, and cannot be used, for the purpose of
avoiding penalties under the Internal Revenue Code (W9).

No Endorsement: CNGC does not endorse any particular manufacturer, contractor or product in
promoting the Program. The fact that the names of particular manufacturers, contractors, products
or systems may appear on this application does not constitute an endorsement. Manufacturers,
contractors, products or systems not mentioned are not implied to be unsuitable or defective in any

Safety and Building Codes: Customer is responsible for insuring that all equipment installed and
work performed complies with all federal, state, and local safety, building and environmental
codes, and any manufacturer instructions.

Property Rights: Customer represents that it has the right to install the energy saving equipment
on the property on which the equipment is installed and that any necessary consents have been

Disclaimer/No Liability: Customer understands that, while CNGC may have provided funding for
approved equipment, CNGC is not supervising work performed for Customer, nor is CNGC responsible in
any way for proper completion of that work or proper performance of any equipment purchased.
Customer assumes the risk of any loss or damage(s) that Customer may suffer in connection with the
installation of the Equipment. CNGC does not guarantee any particular energy savings results by its
approval of this application, or by any other of its actions.

Eligible Products: Incentives are available to approved customers who reside within CNGC service
territory and are commercial or industrial customers. Equipment must meet CNGC energy specifi   .
These specifi   may be found on the web at and are subject to change. If you, or your
contractor, are not sure of the specifications, please feel free to contact CNGC’s Conservation
Department before proceeding.

Proof of Purchase: The invoice documentation accompanying the application must itemize the products
purchased and/or work performed. This proof of purchase must show (a) the date of purchase and an
itemized price paid per item, (b) the size, type, make, model or part number for the products, (c)
a description of  any installation or other labor charges.

Payment: Incentive will be paid after: (a) installation of the energy saving equipment, verifi   of
the installation of the Equipment, and (b) submission of all required documentation of equipment
within the current calendar year.

Incentive Amount: Incentives for energy saving equipment installed as set forth in documentation
accompanying this application are limited to the amounts provided on CNGC tariff 302. Such amounts are subject to change. Current incentive amounts are identifi  on CNGC’s website at Please contact CNGC with any questions.

Facsimile/Scanned Signatures: Facsimile transmission of an original document, or a scanned original
document transmitted to CNGC as an attachment via electronic mail, shall be the same as delivery of
the original signed document. At the request of CNGC, customer shall confi m documents with a
facsimile transmitted signature or a scanned signature by providing an original document.